TUU BY COUTUKITSCH curates exclusive brands and offers quality jewelry for Calgary and beyond. We believe in elevating everyday life with accessible luxuries.

We founded COUTUKITSCH - back in 2010 - to fill the void in finding affordable, high quality fashion jewelry in Calgary. In 2014 we partnered up with local entrepreneurs and opened up a store front in Inglewood, Calgary known as The Livery Shop. In the years following, we quickly came to outgrow our studio space and felt a strong desire to bring more to the Calgary retail scene.

And so, TUU by COUTUKITSCH was born in 2023 - a women's concept shop offering a curated assortment of goods from all over the world with a special focus on Canadian brands. Our goal is to add a little spice to the local shopping scene by creating a stimulating shopping experience - through scent, sound, and sexy vibes.