Summer's End

summer is coming to an end but this time i'm ok with it. summer is def my favorite season, i'm ready for fall fashion. i've been working hard on our fall/winter collection (i know, i know - i'm running late as per usual) and i can't wait to show you the collection! this collection includes some of my favorite pieces EVER and i'm hoping you feel the same.

although i'm excited for fall, i'm not ready to say goodbye to my summer faves and lots of our summer pieces transition well into fall & winter. what were your favorite pieces from our summer collections? here are a few of my top picks:

boho necklace - this one came later in the season but i definitely got my wear out of it

taya necklace - opal is my fave

 lana necklace - i think everyone who follows us knows this is my fave!

lynx bracelet - great layering piece